North Star

'It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been' - George Eliott

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North Star Communications can help you untap your potential, achieve your life goals and balance success and significance

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Finding Your North Star

During the slavery era in the American South, the North Star held very special meaning to those seeking to escape from bondage. The North Star was a sign of hope -follow that guiding light, and eventually you may find freedom.

Many individuals and organisations can get stuck and need to chart a new life course.

The first steps in charting this journey include understanding what is at stake, what is possible and what the challenges are that hold you or your company back. Without a footing in what is possible most typical individuals and organizations will not be willing to look deeply at the root causes of what is holding them back.

Engagements with North Star programmes can help you meet this challenge and untap your potential and the potential of your team members.

The agenda often includes a discussion of the issues and challenges each individual sees within the company, the problems that hold the organization or unit/division within the organisation back. As you can imagine, human nature nudges these conversations into looking at “other” departments, “other” teams, to see where the problems are.

Our facilitators and consultants are trained to remain grounded in solution and to begin, at this very early stage, to encourage and lead the group in an analysis of the human tendency to drift into a victim-style of thinking.

The North Star goal process and its associated vision casting process is designed to uncover one unifying goal that the entire organization can rally around, a goal which can reach into and inspire each functional area of the company.

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