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Coaching and Mentoring

NorthStar Communications provides access to courses focused on or containing an element of coaching. We also offer information and advice on the most appropriate use of coaching within your organisation.

When is coaching used?

Coaching is generally used to improve performance and to help realise the potential of the individual so there are many contexts when coaching might be useful to facilitate the development and learning of an individual.  For example coaching can support employees new to a role through the initial learning curve.  Coaching is also used as part of succession planning to help grow an individual for a more senior role; or during a time of change when an individual may be struggling with the rate or extent of that change.  Irrespective of the context in which coaching takes place the underpinning principles remain the same.

Key principles

Peer Coaching Benefits the Individual and the Organisation.

NorthStar is currently working with a large education provider in training a number of internal staff in coaching skills.  The staff who volunteer to undergo this training work in full time roles across the organisation and are willing to provide coaching to other peers on request.

The benefits of having internal coaches available is that they have an understanding of the culture and climate of the organisation itself and a key benefit to the coaches is that they effectively upskill and find a rewarding outlet for these skills.  However it should be noted that  the fundamental principles, most notably those relating to confidentiality of the coaching relationship remain paramount

While the organisations support the training of staff and facilitate them in providing coaching time the only feedback they can receive is generic.

North Star plans to provide an accredited  Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching. (Currently excellent programmes are  provided by organisations listed on the  links section of this page)

Programme objective

Coaching is a practical activity and coach training must be grounded in sound professional practice. The learning and feedback from seminars and workshops is a significant part of the programme. In addition to the practical development, the programme takes into account the personal development of the coach. At NorthStar we are firm advocates of coaching supervision as essential to good professional practice and build this into our workshop structure.

Who is this programme for?

What will I get from this programme?

You will be able to offer support in the areas of personal and team leadership, team coaching and developing a coaching culture. You will have a working understanding of at least one psychological model for supporting change in human behaviour, attitudes, motivation and building teams and a familiarity with a number of such psychological models. You will also be able to conduct critical analysis and reflection on the impact of their work on both the individual and the organisation.

You will receive training in effective journalling and reflection on practice.

This programme will equip established and aspiring business coaches with the competencies to deliver business and executive coaching at the ‘Practitioner’ level as defined by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and should qualify you for the Level 7  ILM Coaching Qualification.

Our Coaching Offer.

North Star employs professional coaches to train your team as part of our Peer Coaching programme offer with the am of helping employees to improve performance, become more goal focused and ultimately have a happier career and life experience. Staff who undergo these training programmes appreciate the investment made by their employers and coaches similarly appreciate the support provided by employers.

From the organisation’s perspective they not only gain by having better motivated, more focused team member, they also receive some generic feedback which can help them improve team relations.


Coaching is defined as:

‘… the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and enhancing effective action, goal achievement and personal satisfaction.’

Peter Bluckert

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