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Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise Academy

The Centre for Creativity Innovation and Enterprise (CCIE) also known as the Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise Academy (, exists to help people achieve their full creative potential, innovate and turn the innovation into a viable enterprise. The centre operates training and development programmes aimed at stimulating creative impulses and turning them into viable business propositions.

Taught modules include Introduction to Creativity Innovation and Enterprise ( pre level 1, levels 1 and 2 at University Undergraduate standard). Creativity and Innovation in the Organization prepares you to foster a creative mindset across your enterprise—and to exploit uncertainty and chaos to unleash powerful ideas that drive results.


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The Experience

The program unfolds over five days in an extended burst of creative intensity. This program immerses you in comprehensive insights, frameworks and tools on how to ignite innovation that drives results.

Guided by professional, experienced, entrepreneurs, trainers and educators  and experts from leading commercial organisations, you will grapple with and master diverse approaches to creative ideation and how to shape your business culture and behaviours to encourage and channel a free flow of ideas. In a think-tank, workshop environment, you will work intensely with peers who represent leading organizations across the business spectrum.

While you learn, our team takes care of all the details over the five days so you can focus all your attention on the vital material being presented and how you are applying it.


You will take away insights and strategies to challenge existing mindsets and craft new ways of thinking. You will return to your organization with the skills to show your people at every level how to tap into their potential to innovate in ways that will contribute to the strength and performance of the business. Combining logic and structure with imagination and innovation, better decisions will ensue.

Ideation will become a core cultural strength of your organization. Resilience and agility will flourish. And your profile will grow as a change agent and catalyst for success.


Karl Glynn-Finnegan –  Director

North Star Team Trainers

Guest Speakers (Subject to Availability)

Who Should Attend

The power of innovation elevates every part of the enterprise. This program is suited to chief officers of global concerns, leaders of corporate functions across the enterprise, rising executives and entrepreneurs of every kind. Whether you represent a mature business seeking to sustain competitive advantage, a smaller firm that must grow or any company facing lifecycle transitions, you will benefit from igniting and channelling the creativity inherent in you and your people.

This programme is designed to meet the needs of knowledge-based, entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economies. It examines the strategies, policies and business processes that promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in organisations as wide ranging as e-business start-ups and large corporations. The programme is suitable for students from either a science or arts background.

The programme benefits from strong ties to Universities and their related Careers Service (both of which support entrepreneurial activity) as well as strong links with industry, experienced entrepreneurs and the opportunity to take part in ‘live’ projects.



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